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What Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are a type of scientific study that tests how well medical treatments and procedures work in human health. The goal of clinical trials is to improve the diagnosis and treatments of patients and to improve the health of individuals participating in the trials. Clinical trials help determine the safety and efficacy of medications, vaccines, diagnostic products and medical devices to all types of disease.

Benefits to Participating in Clinical Trials

  • You will gain access to new treatment for diseases before it is widely available in the market if the treatment is found to be effective.
  • You will be contributing to helping others to get better treatment for their health problems.
  • You get medical care and more frequent medical checkups.
  • The trials will help advance medicine.
  • There may be compensation for participation in some studies.

Informed Consent

An informed consent form provides patients with important information about the clinical trial before they decide to participate in the trial, including the procedures that they will undergo and possible risk and benefits. Participation in any trial is voluntary.