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A migraine day is defined as a calendar day (12:00am to 11:59pm) in which the subject experiences a migraine attack that starts, ends or recurs within 24 hours and lasts for ≥1 hour (if untreated) or ≥30 minutes (if interrupted with rescue medication). Pain persisting for more than 1 calendar day (≥24 hours) after initial onset will be considered as a new, distinct headache day. Monthly migraine days is defined as the number of migraine days within 28 days or 4 weeks.


  • A PedMIDAS Disability score of > 10 and < 50 to be eligible for the study.
  • Willing and able to comply with study-related procedures.
  • Written informed consent must be obtained and documented.


Patient compensation is available for time.

Benefits to Participating in Clinical Trials

  • You will gain access to new treatment for diseases before it is widely available in the market if the treatment is found to be effective.
  • You will be contributing to help others to get a better treatment for their health problems.
  • You get medical care and more frequent medical checkups.
  • The trials will help advance medicine.
  • There may be compensation for participation in some studies.

Why Clinical Research?

Clinical research are research studies that are performed in patients to evaluate medical treatment and procedures. The goal of clinical research is to improve the diagnosis and treatments of patients and to improve the health of individuals who participate in the trials. Clinical trials help determine the safety and efficacy of medications, vaccines, diagnostic products and medical devices to all types of disease